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Application Process

All SDSU students participating in international programs must apply in the Aztecs Abroad database in order to be selected for the appropriate program and fulfill the university's risk management needs. When you create an application it can be worked on over multiple periods, saving as you go, prior to submission by the program deadline.

All students will progress through a series of stages (the study abroad life cycle) from initial advising to return from their international program: Advising, Pre-Decision (prior to selection), Post-Decision (after selection), While Abroad, and Returnee. Each stage may include various requirements necessary to be completed, so it is important to check back often and keep track of any listed deadlines.

Applications in Aztecs Abroad may include a combination of the following steps depending on the program type and location:

Questionnaires: Respond to a series of questions that may be multiple choice, yes/no, or be short-answer/essay format. Examples include identifying your study abroad interests, entering passport details, or writing a personal statement.

Signature Documents: A document that must be read thoroughly before clicking to provide an electronic signature verifying you have read and acknowledge the content, and take any actions as instructed. Examples include: the CSU release of liability, SDSU policies for international programs, and travel insurance.

Material Submissions: A document that must completed and submitted to a SDSU program coordinator who will check off that requirement when received. A document may need to be submitted in person or sent electronically depending on instructions. In most cases, students submit the SDSU Academic Approval Form prior to departure on which courses are signed off and pre-approved by academic advisors.

Recommendations: There are multiple types of recommendations, such as academic reference from an instructor, language evaluation if courses will be in a foreign language, or an internship evaluation, that may be required depending on the international program.

Learning Content: Information that must be read or viewed to complete a particular phase of the application; this may include a program handbook or pre-departure information like the health and safety orientation.

Assessments: Multiple choice quizzes that are a method of testing an applicant has reviewed the learning content; this may be confirming an applicant has reviewed the health and safety orientation.